Technology projects with music

Beacons & Group Gps Geography Of Terrorism

The Tadros brothers have installed bluetooth beacons at all sites around the world where terrorism has killed people. As the people approach these public areas our smartphone application sends peace songs of different artists along with other info to the crowds. It advise all other users on the app network of the identified peace locations around the world. Like peaceful bombs placed there by warriors of love!

A Peace Song From Space

The song Message by TADROS is a master piece of hope and positivism. 

One very important project the brothers want to do is to take a sub orbital space flight and perform their peace song to the world.

A Bed-In Tour Worldwide

The five hotels John Lennon and Yoko ono have travelled to in 1969 almost 40 years ago have been identified. The Tadros brothers will redo the bed-in one world wide tour. Obviously, every stop will be reporting everything on youtube and social networks.

Living In A Bubble At The Embassy

Eric & Daniel Tadros will install their bubble of 14 feet x 14 feet  outside the embassy of countries that do not support peace. They will live 24 hours a day in their bubble that is transparent . They have their own kitchen and studio in there. In the bubble they meet with media, write and record songs. This effort will draw attention towards causes that need it. It is the modern day bed-in!

Hack The Radio Airwaves

When new technology fails, the Tadros brothers have their own hacks. they own several short length radio transmitters. In all legality the can create their own radio stations in any country.

Installing temporary or permanent radio stations in remote areas will help with peace building. In thi same effort the TADROS Brothers distribute musical instruments to the local communities and draw the people towards music and peace rather than extremist groups. 

First Show For Peace In VR

Eric & Daniel Tadros pursue ideas without any obvious conclusions. Artistry allows them to tackle ideas that may sound strange without worries of controversy ... they are artists after all . Here the first show in the VR space. It will be a show for peace. The best way to go against war and terrorism is to talk about peace. 

The show will be every September 21st - International Peace Day. 

TADROS redo BED -IN (2009)

30 Years Later - TADROS In The Same Hotel Room As John Lennon. That Day They Write  " Soldiers of music " 



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